Element will display an assortment of wear-resistant materials at MiningWorld Russia

Element, a manufacturer of wear and spare parts for mining equipment, will bring samples for alle types of wear-resistant materials to MiningWorld Russia 2021.

It should be noted that Element in cooperation with Nordfelt, its official dealer in Russia, will present six kinds of product category at MiningWorld Russia 2021.
Particularly, at Element and Nordfelt’s joint stand, there will be a display of wear-resistant linings for bunkers, excavators, transit nodes, loading and input units as well as other containers for storing and transporting ore and crushed stone. Element will display plates made out of all the materials available: bimetal, rubber, polyurethane, high-molecular polyethylene, rubber-ceramic and wear-resistant steel.
High-molecular polyethylene
Nowadays, polyethylene has successfully been conquering the mining industry as a type of lining material that protects equipment from wear. Element offers three classes of polyethylene plates. The first one is a regenerated polyethylene with a molar mass of 1 mln g/mol. The next one is a natural impact-resistant polyethylene with a molar mass of 5 mln g/mol. Finally, there’s the super-high-molecular polyethylene which has a molar mass of 9 mln g/mol and increased resistance to wear and abrasion.

Rubber plates have good wear-and impact-resistant properties. Moreover, the rubber’s high shock-absorbing properties decrease noise and vibration as well as reduce the workload on all the transit nodes due to the lightness of the material.

Rubber-ceramic and polyurethane-ceramic plates
Plates made of composite materials with ceramic insertions are suitable for processing large volumes of transported material, as they combine the high shock-absorbing properties of rubber/polyurethane with the high level of wear-resistance found in aluminum oxide ceramics. Such liners serve several times longer than steel plates. 

Bimetal plates
The bimetal liner is a specific type of steel laminate surfaced with a wear-resistant layer. Element offers five types of HYBRID liners with homogeneous chemical compositions and hardness. Notably, shock absorbing, high-strength, impact resistant and heat resistant plates (up to 900 °С) as well as special plates which have enhanced high strength.

Wear-resistant steel
Steel plates are resistant to abrasion and crack formation. They are suitable for welding, and withstand deformations due to their flexibility. They can increase the payload for container devices in assembly. In the process of manufacturing, Element applies metallurgical purification and a unique technology of hardening, so liners acquire uniform hardness and strength.

Polyurethane plates have increased shock-absorbing properties in conditions of wet friction. They are resistant to tears, and they withstand high impact loads.  Moreover, polyurethane compares favorably to rubber in terms of its overall hardness. Its composition prevents the transported rock from sticking, facilitating its passability.

15 experts from Element and Nordfelt will be managing the booth during expo hours. They will be ready to answer any questions regarding the assortment presented, while providing actual information on availability and booking orders.
The Element and Nordfelt teams will see you at the stand at the following address: Moscow, Mezhdunarodnaya str, 16, Crocus Expo, Pavilion 1, Hall 3, stand B3071.
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