Industry leaders at MiningWorld Russia 2020

Exhibitors overview

At the MiningWorld Russia exhibition at the Crocus Expo IEC, leading companies in the mining industry were traditionally represented, demonstrating the newest and most popular products from their catalog.


The scope of activity of "Akonit" is complex solutions for transportation of bulk cargo, development of industrial conveyor equipment and all necessary components and spare parts. The company's products can be used in the extraction and processing of coal, gold and other minerals in any climatic conditions.


At MiningWorld Russia 2020, experts from the NGO Akonit presented three key areas. Visitors could learn about the use of main conveyors for transporting goods over long distances and choose suitable models for their businesses. The focus was also on digital design of equipment that allows you to simulate the test environment based on an existing technical complex.

The third focus topic was the projects of the NGO "Akonit" LAPR and RAZUM aimed at supplying customers with rollers and other components of the highest quality to improve the reliability and durability of the company's products.

For decades, Scania has remained one of the leading manufacturers of trucks used in many industries. Dump trucks produced by the company are used for transporting minerals in quarries around the world, earning a legendary status due to their reliability and load capacity. For its customers, Scania provides a wide range of vehicle maintenance and diagnostics services, including remote and on-site maintenance, driver training, and comprehensive fleet management solutions.

Last year, at MiningWorld, Scania unveiled an updated range of Hagen and Odin trucks designed to transport rock and coal with a significant reduction in transportation costs. New products in 2020 were additions to the families of these dump trucks. The Hagen range was supplemented by the three-axle HagenS model, which became the most compact car in this line. The Scania Opticruise dump truck with automatic control system is indispensable for industries where the size of the machines used is a key factor. The Odin line, on the other hand, has expanded with the Odin XXL, the largest version of this truck, supplemented with a 38 m3 body and an increased gear ratio of the main gear (7.63).

UZTM-KARTEX is one of the assets of Gazprombank JSC and is the Executive body at the largest production enterprises in the field of equipment production for the mining industry, metallurgy and electronics: PJSC Uralmashzavod, LLC IZ-kartex named after P. G. Korobkov and its branch "Foundry production". More than 10 billion rubles have been invested in the technical support of the company's production facilities, their digitalization and industrial security, which allow us to create products that meet international standards and consumer expectations.

At the MiningWorld Russia 2020 exhibition, the company's specialists presented a wide catalog of UZTM-KARTEX offers for mining companies. The list of current products includes crushing and grinding equipment, including a range of jaw crushers, cone crushers of large and reduction crushing, cone crushers of medium and small crushing, as well as a range of mills with various methods of unloading and grinding media used.

Another important aspect of UZTM-kartex activity is the production of excavators: walking and crawler draglines, quarry crawler excavators with mechanical shovels. The most popular model range has mine excavator EKG-20 up to 40 tons of payload capacity bucket capacity range which is from 16 to 24 m3. EKG-20 has established itself with the clock development of heavy rocky soils and are supplied to mining companies in Russia and abroad.