From rental to purchase: «Kaneks Shakhtostroy» restocked its car fleet with machines

The company «Kaneks Shakhtostroy» restocked its car fleet with underground dump trucks manufactured by GHH Group, for field development on Taimyr peninsula.

«Kaneks Shakhtostroy»is a subdivision of the Group «KANEKS» performing mine building contracts, and has wide experience in building underground mines of any type. Their key clients are such  important market players as EVRAZ, Fosagro, Nornikel and Severstal.
At present «Kaneks Shakhtostroy» operates in six mines: «Komsomolsky», «Severny Gluboky», «Skalisty», «Zapolyarny» (GMK «Norilsky Nikel»); Rasvumchorr (АО «Apatit», from group of companies «Fosagro»), Yakovlevsky (PAO «Severstal»).
In its turn, the GHH Group is one of leading suppliers of total solutions for mining and tunnel building branches. Purchase of МК-А20 dump truck was a logical extension of long year cooperation of two companies, which started with rental of a drilling rig. The new machine was chosen on two reasons: small amount of exhaust gases during work and at the same time high engine capacity.
The dumper has great power to weight ratio, that allows to cut fuel consumption by 20% and significantly lower CO₂ emission. When choosing equipment for underground works, this  characteristic becomes  a key factor, because it allows to minimize ventilation requirements and thus to cut overall expenses and to make works in the mine more safe.
Beside that, МК-А20 — is a relatively compact dumper, with length up to 9,4 m, width and height — 2,2 m and 2,5 m, able to transport up to 20 tons of rocks at a time, without loosing effectiveness in inclined working slopes. Also, its half frames can fold to the angle up to 42 degrees when turning or maneuvering, which results in turning radius 8 meters and allows to use the dump truck in underground mines and tunnels with small and medium sections.

This model has proved itself during the whole production period as one of most reliable machines not only in the production line of GHH Group, but also in comparison with other manufacturers of mining machines.


«When choosing suppliers of equipment, we consider several parameters: price, delivery time, quality of the equipment, its usability in Russian enterprises and service availability. Dump truck of GHH Group matched with all our criteria, all the more since we already cooperated with this company: during the last 4 years we successfully used a drilling rig, that was leased for a short-time project», — noticed Denis Volkov, executive director of ««Kaneks Shakhtostroy».
The company GHH Group offers for lease LHD, dump trucks and drilling rigs, that proved themselves well in mining and tunnelling works. As Dmitry Zhukov, executive director of OOO “GHH Fahrzeuge” told us, their key advantages are quick performance availability and coping with peak loads. Full service support during the whole contract period allows to prolong service life of the equipment almost without loss of its previous parameters. Now for lease are available diesel load hauling machines with load capacity 10 tons LF-10.1 and LF-10.2, dump trucks with load capacity 20 tons for mines and tunnels – MK-A20.2 and drilling machines FM 2.3.
«The base of modern business is handling of client’s requirements, communication with customers and partners, which requires flexibility. In the mining branch there are many projects, that need machines for temporary use. Moreover, in tough times the companies try to optimize the costs and maintain effectiveness. And specially for such cases we offer equipment for rent», — Dmitry Zhukov commented.
«At present our car fleet consists of more than 50 items. The volume of performed works is increasing every year, and in the last 5 years production volume has grown three-fold. As we have many time-limited projects, it was impractical to buy equipment for each of them. To rent necessary equipment is the most optimal solution, as its productivity is equal with that of new machines, and allows to significantly cut down the expences», — added Denis Volkov.


Company profile:
GHH Group – is one of world’s biggest suppliers of total solutions in mining and tunneling industry. Members of the group are GHH Fahrzeuge GmbH (Germany), GHH Mining Machines (Sauth Africa) and Mine Master (Poland).
GHH Group is specializing in design and manufacture of mining machines for hard and soft rocks. The company provides such services as – leasing of machines for work in mines, providing used LHDs and dump trucks and service support during the whole service life of machines. The companie’s customers are leading mining enterprises. GHH Group cooperates with such partners, as Overprime from Peru, Titan from Turkey, UVB from Botswana and Tembo from Netherlands.
Sales offices and technical support of GHH Group are present in 28 countries. The main manufacturing center is situated in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. ООО «GHH Fahrzeuge» is a subsidiary company of GHH, operating in Russia since 2010. The head office is in Moscow. Regional representations of the company  are in Sankt Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Ekaterinburg, Novokusnezk (Kemerovo Region), Mirny (Republic Sakha-Yakutia), Kirovsk (Murmansk Region)  and Gai (Orenburg region).
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