"Karelsky Okatysh" Switches to Duratray’s «Single-Use» Bodies

At «Karelsky Okatysh» JSC, the classic heavy-duty bodies were replaced with lightweight bodies.

This innovation was designed to increase the efficiency of the transport cycle, reduce fuel costs and wear of the vehicle itself, and in order to transport more material in one cycle.

Heavy-duty trucks with lightweight trays have been in operation for several years. The first test run was applied on 30% of the bodies. Instead of almost 50 tons, the new weight of the bodies was a little less than 35 t. However, this weight reduction did not give the results that the company expected, since consequently, the cost of annual repairs increased, and the lifetime was decreased by 60%. Due to this, the specialists decided to further reduce the weight of the body. As a result, now the bodies weigh half of the original weight, but their payload has increased, reaching almost 250 tons. In order to help the bodies effectively cope with the pressure of the rock mass on the thinner walls, engineers modified them, making them more rounded. These bodies cannot be repaired and are taken out of service after a year of work, for which they were called «single-use bodies».

In the future, they will be disposed of as scrap metal. «Single-use» bodies have shown themselves well in the process of work on three dump trucks, so the company plans to equip the entire fleet with them. Supply of 25 bodies is expected by next year and another 30 bodies by 2023. According to the head of the repair department of the enterprise, Sergey Kovalenko, the expected economic benefit for the enterprise is estimated at 300,000,000 Rubles, taking into account the fact that the company's fleet consists of seventy heavy trucks.

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