The new Horizontal Container Pump Lutz B200 in PVDF with monitoring module SafetyBox

The B200 in PVDF impresses with its excellent chemical resistance, compact design and low weight

The Lutz B200 horizontal container pump is used when conventional drum pumps cannot be used. If access from above is not possible, e.g. for containers on shelves, the B200 is an interesting choice. This pump in stainless steel and in different variations has proven itself in practice. The new version in PVDF is also suitable for highly aggressive liquids.

The B200 in PVDF impresses with its excellent chemical resistance, compact design and low weight. For leakage detection, the monitoring module SafetyBox can optionally be used.

Dynamic seals should be replaced after specified operating times. Since the operating time of mobile pumps is less easy to monitor, there is a higher probability that wearing parts will be used longer than expected. The solution is the monitoring module SafetyBox with which leaks in the mechanical seal can be detected.

The monitoring module SafetyBox detects leakages of conductive liquids. If a leakage is detected, a visual or acoustic signal sounds (lamp, siren). In case of leakage detection, the motor switches off automatically by an emergency stop function. For easy and quick commissioning, a leakage sensor is mounted on the connecting head of the pump.

The SafetyBox impresses with its safe operation and offers the user a cost-effective solution. The monitoring module scores with its simple installation, can be retrofitted at any time and can also be used for other Lutz drum pumps. The weight is just 1 kg.

Thus this new development underlines our safety claim according to our slogan „Safety is our concern“. The monitoring module SafetyBox is also available as a complete set with pump B200 in PVDF and suitable accessories.
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