Why mining companies choose MiningWorld Russia with Duratray

We find out what exhibiting at MiningWorld Russia can do for international businesses with Duratray International.

For over 40 years, the Australian firm has been supplying miners around the world with rugged dump bodies for ore haulage. 

Duratray has become firm fixtures at our international mining & mineral extraction technology exhibition MiningWorld Russia (MWR). 

We spoke with Marcelo Medel, Duratray MD, to find out more about his team’s experience at the 2019 show.

MiningWorld exhibitor experience with Marcelo Medel and Duratray International

Hi Marcelo. How many years has Duratray been participating in MiningWorld Russia? 

Duratray exhibited for the first time in 2017, and due to great reception and results that we achieved, we have been attending the exhibition since then. 

Why did you choose to exhibit at MiningWorld Russia?

For Duratray, this exhibition is an opportunity to maintain good relationships with our existing customers, but also to search new opportunities and keep updated on what is happening in the region and how it is expected to move forward in the short and long term. 

Duratray decided to exhibit at MWR because we see Russia as one of our largest and with more potential markets. Currently, Duratray develops important operations throughout the world, being a major actor in Australia, Canada, USA, Chile & Latin America, South Africa and certainly Russia. 

We have important customers throughout the region, not only in Russia but also in other countries associated with CIS, where Duratray develops an important part of its operations.

What were your show objectives for 2019? How did you set these out?

Duratray’s main objective when attending the exhibition, was to maintain our relationships with current customers and analyse what their needs are in order to keep up with their expectations. The other main objective we had was to establish stronger relationships with the other main actors of the region that we had been in contact with before.
We set this out by organizing a striking stand in order to capture the attention of current and potential customers, exhibiting our products as professionally and accurate as possible. This allowed them to see the advantage of what Duratray could bring to their operations and profit.

Did you meet your show objectives and if so how?

Yes, we met our show objectives beyond expectation. As a company, we were able to generate trust worthy and long-lasting relationships in the exhibition, which we expect to be beneficial for both Duratray and our customers.

The Russian and CIS markets has been booming during the last years, in which Duratray has experienced this first hand. This activity has been reflected in both revenue and growing number of clients, also in our continuously expanding international development. We see the impact that our innovation offers not only in the mentioned markets but also worldwide.

Was your stand busy? How many visitors do you think came to your stand?

Duratray’s stand was busy throughout the entire time. We were very satisfied with the constant flow and attention that our stand received, because this reflects that Duratray’s products and value proposition called to the exhibitor’s attention.
I cannot say an accurate number of people attending our stand, but there was a clear demonstration of interest from everyone who passed by. 

What type of visitor did you welcome to the Duratray stand? What were their job roles and positions and what types of company did they represent?

Duratray welcomed visitors from many different platforms within the mining world, which makes us very glad because this reflects that our product is valued throughout the entire value chain. It is also important to mention that the people attending the exhibition were some of the key decision makers   within their companies.
This enabled us to have more fruitful conversations and productive discussions with operational and supply managers of many of the most important Russian mining companies.
This allowed us to establish trustworthy relationships that finally resulted in successful business agreements. These results allow Duratray to look forward to the upcoming years in this industry, and to its future participation in Mining World Russia in the years to come.

How much new business, if any, do you typically generate at MiningWorld Russia?

Since our business is intense in capital, we expect to generate between 4 to 5 new businesses for each exhibition.
Duratray is glad to say that this expectation has been greatly met on all our previous participations in Mining World Russia.

Which of your products were visitors most interested in? Why do you think this is?

To date, Duratray’s presence in the Russian market has been especially focused on the XP Steel Dump Body. Though in the upcoming months, we expect to introduce our staple product, which is the Suspended Dump Body. 

We expect that the region can take advantage of the benefits of our technology as well as the rest of the world. We are strongly established in all the continents, but we also aim to show the CIS region the benefits of our innovation. 

The greatest difference that the Duratray Suspended Dump Body outlines, is the fact that instead of using a steel-based tray, Duratray uses light weight rubber mats on heavy-duty fibrous suspension ropes that increase shock absorption and abrasion resistance. 

Among other characteristics, our product reduces the loading impact and dampens noise, eliminates carry back, reduces maintenance costs and increases payload capacity.
We believe both products will suit the Russian market needs and will enable Russian mining companies to become more productive and profitable.

What advice would you give to a new company that wants to exhibit at MiningWorld Russia?

I would advise to any companies that are in the mining industry and have the potential and desire to expand to new markets, to attend the exhibition. 

This will strengthen the opportunities to meet all the main actors in the region and to have a better understanding of the market.

What was your experience working with the MiningWorld Russia event team?

The experience has been very pleasant. All the necessary arrangements were made on time. We contacted by the event team and were given plenty of options where we were able to choose a booth of our convenience. 

Also, we received a lot of help from the organisers to address all the necessary arrangements for the exhibition. Besides the logistic help and follow ups, they helped us to meet all of our goals regarding networking development. 

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