Water treatment, air filtration and environmental monitoring systems

The following equipment to carry out environmental monitoring, water purification and air filtration will be presented at the international exhibition MiningWorld Russia:

  • Aerological and ventilation equipment
  • Filtration systems
  • Equipment and technologies for dust and gas cleaning
  • Wastewater treatment and recycling plants
  • Liquid filtration and separation

In the mining industry, methods are being developed for auditing information obtained during mining and environmental monitoring, which is defined as a special information and analytical system for monitoring and assessing the state of the environment in the area of operation of mining enterprises. At the same time, mining and environmental monitoring is based on determining the sources of environmental impact of each specific mining facility (ore-dressing plant, quarry, underground mine, etc.) and forming a system of observation networks at the mining enterprise.

Environmental monitoring in mining can provide an objective assessment of the ecological state of mining and mining-and-construction enterprises, determine the existing deviations from the normal values and recommend the measures for carrying out productive activities of the mining enterprise in accordance with these requirements.