In safe mining operations, reliable power equipment is the key requirement. We invite you to explore power supply equipment for mining enterprises, which we showcase at MiningWorld Russia:

  • Automated process control systems (APCS)
  • Automated systems for control and accounting of electricity (ASKUE)
  • Automated systems for technical accounting of energy resources (ASTUE)
  • Electrical substation equipment: power transformers, high and low voltage switchgears
  • Devices for control and protection of electric motors, electric networks, power converter and generators
  • Independent power supply source: diesel power plants and diesel generator sets
  • Stationary power supply sources: diesel generators and power plants
  • Electrical cable
  • Equipment and technologies for heat supply of the mining industry
  • Lighting equipment

Companies that showcase their equipment in Power Supply sector:

Cable Alliance Holding, David Brown Santasalo Rus, FINGO-Complex, KLS, Nonius Engineering, AOIP, Dynaset Russland, Exima PRO, Tech Star, Mining Machines, SIM Mining Machines – Rus, PRIN, DCLogic, etc.