Element at MiningWorld Russia: rubber-ceramic plates

Rubber-ceramic plates for protecting reloading devices are a profitable replacement for standard steel

Composite wear-resistant plates made of rubber and ceramic last up to 17 times longer than steel plates. Several mining and non-metallic enterprises that have installed Element’s rubber-ceramic reloading devices have already seen this from their own experience.

Reloader devices are designed for transportation and the temporary storage of rock and stone — no crushed stone plant or mining and processing plant can do without them. As a rule, containers are lined with 450 HB steel plates to protect feeders, shovels of excavators, discharge bins and other components from wear. However, these inexpensive steel linings have to be changed several times a year. Under harsh operating conditions, the plates can be erased in three weeks.

Element, a manufacturer of spare and wear parts for mining equipment, sells rubber and polyurethane ceramic plates as an alternative to steel. All of these materials are suitable for the same operating conditions and ore type, but composite materials last longer.

Last longer with rubber by Element

In 2021, the poly-metal mining and processing plant lined the vibrating screen feed box with rubber-ceramic plates. 35-millimeter plates were installed instead of steel ones with a hardness of 450 HB, which could withstand a maximum of three months of operation.

1.5 months after installation, the wear of the ceramic layer was only 25%. As a result, the linings lasted almost twice as long as standard steel linings.

The use of Element’s rubber-ceramic plates not only reduces the annual cost of re-lining but also solves the problem of regular downtime. Olga Stepuk, manager of the wear-resistant materials department at Element, noted that composite materials combine several physical and mechanical qualities. The shock absorption characteristics of rubber are combined with the hardness of aluminum oxide ceramics. The layer ratio can be adjusted according to the rock type. As a result, such plates not only function up to 20 times longer than steel but also reduce noise during equipment operation.

Element cooperates with mining companies through its authorized dealer, Nordfelt. Visit the company stand at MiningWorld Russia 2022 to learn more about the products and get a consultation from the specialists.