MiningWorld Russia 2024 key exhibition sectors

Spare parts & components and mining tires as a subsector will be in focus of the MiningWorld Russia 2024. They were chosen because the Russian market of Spare parts & components is highly potential.

MiningWorld Russia follows the trends

The Russian mining market is defining new opportunities for exhibition sectors development. In 2023 MiningWorld Russia started developing Spare parts & components sector and Mining tires subsector to meet the market needs.

MiningWorld Russia 2023 Exhibitors

At MiningWorld Russia 2023 more than 120 companies showcased their equipment in the Spare parts and components sector. At their stands they presented:

  • Tires for mining machines, underground and open mining operations;
  • Lubricants and lubricating oils;
  • Spare parts for drilling equipment and drilling tools;
  • Spare parts and components for mining excavators and dump trucks;
  • Accessories for conveyor equipment;
  • Spare and wear parts for pumps;
  • Wear parts for crushers and crushing and screening complex;
  • Repair kits;
  • Components for general industrial use and other equipment.

Key characteristics of the Russian spare parts & components market

  • Large market volume

In 2019, 31.6 thousand pieces of industrial and large-size tires with a seat diameter of more than 30 inches were imported to Russia. More than 17 000 business in Russia are involved in extracting segment – those enterprises will need to modernize their current vehicles fleet with spare parts & components.

  • High market potential

There is no mining tires manufacturers in Russia. Unless we consider large tires with a diameter of up to 25 inches for construction equipment, produced in Altai. But these are tires for light loaders and clay, completely unsuitable for ore mining. Service centers of Japanese, American and European brands closed their doors on Russian miners. Mining companies are looking for ways to perform MRO services using comparable/analogic spare parts and components.

  • Market needs

In Russia 80% of equipment involved in mining were imported, so now the issue of purchasing spare parts and components, which include tires, is becoming especially burning. The Russian mining equipment market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 6% during the 2023 – 2028 years.

  • Empty niches for business

The top three largest suppliers of mining tires in Russia included Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, all of them have suspended their business in Russia.

40% of MiningWorld Russia visitors are interested in Spare parts and components

MiningWorld Russia 2023 visitors are already interested in equipment and technologies showcased in new exhibition sectors and are looking for new manufacturers and suppliers for their business. MiningWorld Russia visitors are:

  • General Directors
  • Supply Department Directors
  • Commercial & Financial Directors
  • Senior Sales Managers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Construction Engineers
  • Product managers & Sales Managers

MiningWorld Russia visitors

MiningWorld Russia 2024 is the 28th international exhibition of machines and equipment for mining, processing and transportation of minerals. The MiningWorld Russia exposition demonstrates wide range of equipment, technological solutions and services for mining industry.

Enter the Russian market of spare parts and components – expand customer base and find new partners.

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