Results of 2023 and a glimpse into 2024: Interview with MiningWorld Russia Exhibition Director

What 2023 was like for the Russian mining industry and what to expect from MiningWorld Russia in 2024 - an interview with Marina Chelak, Event Director.

Marina Chelak

— Marina, please tell us, how do you assess 2023 for the Russian mining industry?

It is too early to summarize the results of the year, but we can rely on the latest available data. In October, the dynamics of the mining sector improved slightly to -0.1% YoY compared to -0.7% YoY in September. Coal mining contributed to the improvement (+2.2% y/y after +2.1% y/y). For the first 10 months of 2023, mining production was -1.1% y/y, virtually unchanged for half the year.

There are already forecasts for 2024. For example, the RAS expects that mineral extraction will show growth of 2.4%, with coal and oil production growing by more than 1% compared to 2023. Experts are more pessimistic about the prospects for gas production.

I would like to note two trends in the equipment market that have manifested themselves in full force this year. This is, firstly, the rise of domestic manufacturers of machinery and equipment for mining. At MiningWorld Russia 2023 we saw many new products, Russian premieres. Thus, The RIVS Group presented to the audience RIF-200 - the first domestic large-volume flotation machine with a capacity of 200 cubic meters. PEAK MINING presented the Russian all-wheel drive mining vehicle for transporting people and cargo PICAR. V. V. Vorovsky Drilling Equipment Plant demonstrated a modified version of the URB-2D3 installation on a tracked vehicle, etc. And this trend continues - at the MiningWorld Russia 2024 exhibition you will see even more Russian new products.

The second trend is increasing imports of missing equipment from partner countries. The past year has shown that you need to rely primarily on yourself, but at the same time you should not refuse the support of foreign colleagues and partners. According to the results of January-October, truck deliveries from China increased 3.6 times, from $463 million to $1.7 billion. China also almost tripled the supply of special equipment - bulldozers, excavators, drilling machines, etc. They grew from $574 million to $1.7 billion. The volume of Russian-Chinese trade at the end of 2023 increased by 26.3% – to a record $240 billion. The exhibition has always been and remains a reflection of the industry, so in 2024 at MiningWorld Russia you will be able to see many new Chinese brands. In addition, equipment from Belarus, Central Asian countries, India, Turkey, Middle Eastern countries and even from European countries: Finland, Germany, Italy, Belgium will be presented.

— What major changes have taken place with MiningWorld Russia in 2023?

I can confidently say that in 2023 MiningWorld Russia broke all its records. The growth in demand for exhibition space compared to 2022 was truly colossal. The number of exhibitors at MiningWorld Russia 2023 doubled to 368 companies (178 in 2022). As a result, we rented additional space and the exhibition was held in three halls, rather than two, as was previously the case. With their stands, the exhibitors occupied 16 thousand square meters of exhibition space - a twofold increase compared to last year.

MiningWorld Russia 2023
MiningWorld Russia 2023

In addition, the number of visitors to the exhibition has also increased. In 2023, 8,299 specialists came to MiningWorld Russia 2023, which is 51% more than last year. Of these, 4,890 professionals visited the exhibition for the first time. It is important to note that visitors to the exhibition are the target audience of our exhibitors - 73% of specialists make purchasing decisions in their companies.

— What can we expect from MiningWorld Russia 2024?

First of all, I would like to note that we are once again going for a record! Already at the moment, the number of exhibitors is 20% higher than this year's record figure. More than 450 companies have confirmed their participation in the exhibition to date, and more than 100 of them will take part in MiningWorld Russia for the first time.

In 2024, the exposition will occupy four halls at once, rather than three, as in 2023. This means that for three days, the entire 1st Pavilion of Crocus Expo IEC will be dedicated to the demonstration of equipment and technologies for the mining and processing industry. The exhibition area will amount to **26,544 square meters.

— Which Russian companies have already confirmed their participation in MiningWorld Russia 2024?

As I said earlier, the interest of companies in the upcoming exhibition is even higher than in the record-breaking year of 2023. The number of exhibitors is already 20% higher than in 2023. The largest Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers have confirmed their participation in MiningWorld Russia 2024: Kanmash, Tyazhmash, Belaz, AltaiBurMash, IZTM, Spetsmash, Aconit, Karier-Service, Chetra, Alfa Balt Engineering, Cemek Minerals, Kronshtadt, A9 Systems, Sumitek International, SOMEX, ITOMAK, AgroPromShina, ASTECH Industries, Sever Minerals, STC Bakor and many others.

The focus of the 2023 exhibition is the section "Spare parts, components and related materials", as well as its subsection "Tires for the mining machines". The reason for this focus is the high interest of visitors in this particular equipment. According to a 2023 survey, 40% of visitors have a particular interest in parts and accessories.

- What will be the business program of the upcoming exhibition?

We have conducted qualitative research to identify the most relevant topics of concern to subsoil users today. The business program will include the Forum of mining industry leaders and expert conferences "Gold and Technologies", "Increasing the Efficiency of Exploration Works", "New Technologies of Mineral Processing and Beneficiation", for the first time there will be a round table for chief engineers and power engineers of mining companies - "Energy Efficiency and Resource Saving of Mining Production".

Import substitution of equipment, components, reagents, and technologies will be the main theme of all the events. Leaders of the mining industry will share their experience in optimizing costs and resources, overcoming the "challenges" of finding new suppliers, replacing equipment and digital technologies of companies that have gone away, and suppliers will present the latest developments and development plans. The program will be rich and very interesting.

In addition, as part of MiningWorld Russia, together with GC Digital, we are organizing a competition of effective digital projects for mining companies Mining Industry 4.0. This means that in 2023, digitalization projects that have demonstrated high economic efficiency will once again have the opportunity to confirm their success and establish themselves among the leaders by participating in the competition.

MiningWorld Russia Business Program

— What can you wish to the exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition?

I would like to wish all mining professionals that this year will be a launching pad for new upsurges, achievements, discoveries and victories! I wish that in 2024 all goals will be achieved, commitments will be fulfilled, and we will look to the future with confidence and optimism, and make plans for development. We, as the Organizer of the industry exhibition, are happy to be near you and help your business to grow and develop, we work for you and for your success. Have a fruitful, productive and rewarding 2024!

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